Stormwater Maintenance

The City of Cape Girardeau has almost 5,500 storm drain inlets and 200 miles of drainage pipe.  The Stormwater Division of Public Works is responsible for maintenance and repair of the storm drain system in the public right-of-way and within drainage easements. 

Storm drains are designed to handle normal water flow, but occasionally during heavy rain, flooding will occur. Our goal is to limit the number of flooding incidents by keeping our drains clear.  Some flooding is caused by issues on private property and must be addressed by the property owner. The Stormwater Division manages Cape’s stormwater needs by providing the following services: 
  • Clearing debris from drains, pipes and creeks
  • Repairing/controlling erosion
  • Repairing and maintaining existing infrastructure
  • Mowing city detention basins 
  • Places slow releasing tablets of insecticide to control mosquito larva
  • Maintains the levee and pump stations for downtown flood control
  • Mows weed abatement lots as ordered by the  Nuisance Abatement Division of the Police Department
  • Manages Storm Drain Stenciling Program
  • Parks, Recreation & Stormwater Tax Program (PRS1) passed in 2008 identified 12 Capital Improvement Projects with an estimated cost of $3 million -- 10 of these projects are complete 

  • Contact Info
  • 2007 Southern Expressway Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
  • Telephone 573.339.6351
  • Email [email protected]