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    Cape Girardeau, MO  63701-7314
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Under the Council/Manager form of government, the Mayor and City Council establish policy and law and the City Manager handles the day-to-day management of the City organization, acting by the rules established in the City Charter. The Mayor is elected at large (citywide) for a four-year term, and the six City Council Members are elected from wards for staggered, four-year terms. The Mayor and City Council appoint the City Manager, and the City Manager appoints all but a few of the employees. The Mayor and City Council Members serve part time and meet twice monthly to review and establish ordinances and other policies.

The Charter outlines how local government is to be operated, the powers held by the residents, and the responsibilities residents give their Council and City Manager. 

Cape Girardeau City Ordinances are local decisions that apply only to Cape Girardeau.

Applicable Laws

Applicable Policies