About the Court

Cape Girardeau Municipal Court

The Municipal Court for the City of Cape Girardeau is a division of the Circuit Court of Cape Girardeau County, 32nd Judicial Circuit. Cases in Municipal Court involve alleged violations of municipal ordinances.
  • Court is in session every Tuesday in the Courtroom at 2536 Maria Louise Lane.
  • The City Prosecutor files all cases heard in Municipal Court.
  • The Court is staffed by a part-time Municipal Judge, Court Administrator, and three court clerks. 
  • Court staff cannot give legal advice.
  • Court costs are $35.50 per case.

 Traffic Violations Bureau

  • Located in the Municipal Court Office, 2536 Maria Louise Lane.
  • Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • Many citation can be paid at the violation bureau, through the mail or at courts.mo.gov
  • Certain citations require a court appearance. 

Courtroom Decorum & Dress

  • Attorneys and court officials shall wear appropriate professional attire while in attendance upon the Court.  
  • For male attorneys appropriate professional attire shall include a suitable coat, tie, and socks.
  • Shorts are not allowed to be worn in the courtroom.
  • Attorneys shall advise their clients and witnesses of the formalities of the Court, including attire, befitting a court appearance and seek their full cooperation thereby avoiding embarrassment to the Court and public as well.
  • Cell phone use in the courtroom is prohibited.

Information for Attorneys

  • All filings for cases filed after August 1, 2021 must be e-filed. 
  • For all cases filed before this date, you may fax or file in person your pleading. 


PAY YOUR CASE prior to your court date:

Instruction to pay online:
To pay your fine prior to your Court Date:
Click on Court Docket – Case Net
Select - 32nd Judicial Circuit
Select – your Court Date
Select – Judge, Teresa Bright-Pearson
Click – Find
Locate and click on your ticket number if it is a payable ticket you will be allowed to pay fine & costs and avoid a court appearance.  If it will not allow you to pay than a mandatory court appearance is required.

CASES FILED BEFORE AUGUST 1, 2021 will need to be paid in-person or by mail.
Municipal Court Clerk’s Office- 2536 Maria Louise Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701.


City of Cape Girardeau Municipal Court
2536 Maria Louise Lane
Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
573-339-6323 Phone
573-339-6308 Fax

  • 2530 Maria Louise Lane
  • 2530 Maria Louise Lane
  • 2530 Maria Louise Lane