Residents, visitors and businesses pay various types of taxes to a variety of taxing entities to support public services. In Cape Girardeau, sales tax is a critical source of revenue for the city government to provide infrastructure, safety and quality of life services.

The sales tax rate is 8.475% in the city of Cape Girardeau, of which, the City of Cape Girardeau municipal government collects a 2.75% sales tax. The City also receives a small portion of property taxes from Cape Girardeau County.

 Cape Girardeau City Sales Tax
 General Sales Tax  1.000%
 Transportation Trust Fund  0.500%
 Capital Improvements (Wastewater Treatment Facility, Sewer)  0.250%
 Capital Improvement (Water System, City Hall, Airport, Streets)  0.250%
 Fire Safety Sales Tax (Public Safety Trust Fund)  0.250%
 Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax  0.500%
City Subtotal 2.750% 
County Sales Tax  1.500% 
State Sales Tax  4.225% 
 Total  8.475%

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About  Property Taxes

Property Tax ProportionThe Cape Girardeau County Assessor's Office is required by the State of Missouri to discover, identify, classify and assess all real and personal property within Cape Girardeau County. Visit for more information. Of these taxes paid, most of it supports local schools. 

Taxing Agencies
State of Missouri
County of Cape Girardeau
City of Cape Girardeau
Cape Library
Jackson Library
Cape, Jackson, Nell Holcomb Schools

Gross Receipts Taxes
Hotel/motel and restaurant taxes

How is this revenue spent?
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Special Tax Districts
Affected voters initiated and approved the additional taxes below.

Special Tax Districts
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Downtown CID (MAP)
0.5% Sales Tax

Town Plaza CID (MAP)
1% Sales Tax

Dogwood CID (MAP)
1% Sales Tax

(Downtown) Special Business
District (MAP)
Property Tax

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