The sales tax rate is 7.975% in the city of Cape Girardeau, of which, the City of Cape Girardeau collects a 2.75% sales tax. The City also receives a small portion of property taxes from Cape Girardeau County.

Cape Girardeau City Sales Tax
General Sales Tax


Transportation Sales Tax


Capital Improvement Sales Tax (Water Plant)


Capital Improvement Sales Tax (Sewer)


Fire Safety Sales Tax


Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax




Total Sales Tax in Cape Girardeau 7.975%

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Property Taxes
State Property Tax
Properties are assessed taxes based on their uses. Residential properties are assessed at 19% of their fair market value. Personal property is assessed at 
one-third (or 33.3%) of true value throughout the state. Commercial and industrial properties are assessed at 32% of their fair market value.

Local Property Tax
Local Property Tax is an aggregate of school, city, county, and state levies, and is expressed in a tax per $100 of assessed value on residential properties.

Example Homeowner's Combined State and Local Tax Bill Estimate
A homeowner with a $50,000 house and two cars worth a total of $15,000, living in Cape Girardeau city/county where the tax rates levied by the local governments (including the Missouri state 3-cent levy) total 5.1152%, would have taxes calculated:


Full Value

Assessed Value


$50,000 x 19%



$15,000 x 33.3%


Total Assessed Valuation  


Local Tax RatePer $100  


Estimated Tax Levied  


Types of Taxes
Gross Receipts

Taxing Agencies
State of Missouri
County of Cape Girardeau
City of Cape Girardeau
Cape Library
Jackson Library
Cape, Jackson, NH Schools

Gross Receipts Taxes
Hotel/motel and restaurant taxes

Tax Use/Budget
Find City budget information at

Special Tax Districts
Affected voters initiated and approved the additional taxes below.

Special Tax Districts
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Downtown CID (MAP)
.5% Sales Tax

Town Plaza CID (MAP)
1% Sales Tax

(Downtown) Special Business
District (MAP)
Property Tax

Additional Tax Resources 
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