Street Maintenance & Repair

The Street Maintenance Division coordinates with the Community Development Department to maintain around 233 miles of streets and 22 miles of alleyways. This is roughly the same distance as a drive to St. Louis and back. General maintenance is done by the Street Division, while new construction and management of the Transportation Trust Fund program are handled by Community Development.   

In addition to street repairs, the Street Maintenance Division: 
  • Removes limb debris from City right-of-way after major storms
  • Mows nearly 600 acres of right-of-way several times each year 
  • Provides weed control around signs, guardrails, and poles
  • Removes dead and diseased trees, and trims trees along City streets and alleys
  • Operates two mechanical street sweepers
  • Provides street inspections for right-of-way/excavation permits
  • Evaluates more than 100 miles of street yearly to record pavement conditions
  • Maintains and manages database for street pavement conditions
  • Provides snow removal and pretreats roadways for winter weather

  • Contact Info
  • 2007 Southern Expressway Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
  • Telephone 573.339.6351
  • Email [email protected]