Storm Drain Stenciling Program

The City of Cape Girardeau is excited to have a program that allows volunteers to participate in the City's water pollution prevention efforts. The Storm Drain Stenciling Program is set up to allow volunteers of all ages and from all areas of the community to participate. The Stenciling Program has volunteers paint a message on the storm drain inlets that informs the public "No Dumping . . . Drains to River". This will increase peoples' awareness of the pollution impact of dumping waste in a drain. To start this process or for more information, please contact our office at 573-339-6351, or email [email protected]


  • An adult supervisor is to be present at all times at each work site when children under the age of 16 are participating in the program.
  • The City will not provide any supervision.
  • Each volunteer or their parent or guardian will need to sign the Storm Drain Stenciling Program waiver/release form and return it to Public Works before any work can be done.
  • All volunteers must be aware of the need to exercise caution and safety when working around the streets and storm drains.
  • The City will provide paint, stencils, cones, and safety vests, which must be worn. Volunteers will be asked to pay for any damaged property.
  • An orange safety cone is to be placed at the edge of the street a short distance away from the work area to warn approaching traffic. 
  • The volunteer group will coordinate work locations and schedules with Public Works.
  • The volunteer group will keep track of where and when the work is done and will provide this information to Public Works when the work is complete.
  • The volunteer group is to return any unused paint, the stencils, safety vests, and all safety cones when the work is completed.

  • Contact Info
  • 2007 Southern Expressway Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
  • Telephone 573.339.6351
  • Email [email protected]