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PAY YOUR CASE prior to your court date:

Instruction to pay online:
To pay your fine prior to your Court Date:
Click on Court Docket – Case Net
Select - 32nd Judicial Circuit
Select – your Court Date
Select – Judge, Teresa Bright-Pearson
Click – Find
Locate and click on your ticket number if it is a payable ticket you will be allowed to pay fine & costs and avoid a court appearance.  If it will not allow you to pay than a mandatory court appearance is required.

CASES FILED BEFORE AUGUST 1, 2021 will need to be paid in-person or by mail.
Municipal Court Clerk’s Office- 2536 Maria Louise Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701.

Cape Girardeau Municipal Court

The Municipal Court for the City of Cape Girardeau is a division of the Circuit Court of Cape Girardeau County, 32nd Judicial Circuit. Cases in Municipal Court involve alleged violations of municipal ordinances.


  • Court is in session every Tuesday and Thursday in the Courtroom at 2536 Maria Louise Lane.
  • The City Prosecutor files all cases heard in Municipal Court.
  • The Court is staffed by a part-time Municipal Judge, Court Administrator, and three court clerks. 
  • Court staff cannot give legal advice.
  • Court costs are $35.50 per case.

 Traffic Violations Bureau

  • Located in the Municipal Court Office, 2536 Maria Louise Lane.
  • Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • Many citation can be paid at the violation bureau, through the mail or at courts.mo.gov
  • Certain citations require a court appearance. 

Courtroom Decorum & Dress

  • Attorneys and court officials shall wear appropriate professional attire while in attendance upon the Court.  
  • For male attorneys appropriate professional attire shall include a suitable coat, tie, and socks.
  • Shorts are not allowed to be worn in the courtroom.
  • Attorneys shall advise their clients and witnesses of the formalities of the Court, including attire, befitting a court appearance and seek their full cooperation thereby avoiding embarrassment to the Court and public as well.
  • Cell phone use in the courtroom is prohibited.

Information for Attorneys

  • All filings for cases filed after August 1, 2021 must be e-filed. 
  • For all cases filed before this date, you may fax or file in person your pleading. 


City of Cape Girardeau Municipal Court
2536 Maria Louise Lane
Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
573-339-6323 Phone
573-339-6308 Fax

  • 2530 Maria Louise Lane
  • 2530 Maria Louise Lane
  • 2530 Maria Louise Lane