If this is an EMERGENCY please call 9-1-1 immediately.
Many common non-emergency crimes can be reported online, allowing you to avoid waiting for an officer to take a report. This online reporting system allows you to submit a police report immediately. You must have a valid email address to submit an online report.


Please confirm the following to find out if online report filing is right for you:

• Is this an emergency? • Did this incident occur outside the Cape Girardeau city limits? • Is there an immediate police response required?

If you answered NO to ALL the above questions, you are ready to file your report online. If you answered yes to any of the questions, please contact the Cape Girardeau Police Department immediately either by calling 911 or 573-339-6621.

Please Note:

• All incidents filed using the Citizen Reporting System will be reviewed.
• Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.
• Please note if your incident occurred on the Southeast Missouri State University Campus, please contact SEMO DPS at 573-651-2215. Filing a false police report is a Class B Misdemeanor crime under Missouri law (RSMO 575.080): A person commits the offense of making a false report if he or she knowingly: (1) Gives false information to any person for the purpose of implicating another person in an offense; or (2) Makes a false report to a law enforcement officer that an offense has occurred or is about to occur; or (3) Makes a false report or causes a false report to be made to a law enforcement officer, security officer, fire department or other organization, official or volunteer, which deals with emergencies involving danger to life or property that a fire or other incident calling for an emergency response has occurred or is about to occur.

Please click on “File a Report” to select an incident and begin.


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