Feasibility Study Release, Marina Plan Docked
Posted on 09/09/2022

Cape Girardeau’s 2022 Community Dock Feasibility Study is complete but there are no plans to move forward with the project. Building a marina would require broader community support, in addition to grants, private investment, and annual maintenance funds.

“We now have the information we need if the community decides to pursue it later,” said Grant Coordinator and SEMPO Director Alex McElroy. McElroy managed the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant to determine if a dock is physically possible, and financially viable.

Downtown near the pedestrian gates was the preferred location of three including Century Casino and Red Star Access (formerly Honkers Boat Club). Upfront construction cost was estimated at $11-15 million with ongoing operations costs exceeding annual revenue. Additional partners would be required to build and maintain the project, including grants and private sector investment.

City leadership unanimously approved the grant for the feasibility study in December 2021. The sponsoring grant was awarded at an 80/20 rate with $60,000 being provided by the EDA and  $15,000 from the City’s Riverfront Development fund supported by casino revenue. The study was rooted in the 2017 Downtown Strategic Plan calling for investments designed to attract tourists, locals, and patrons to the riverfront district.

Cape Girardeau is uniquely positioned on the Mississippi River to attract consistent transient boat traffic from June through October. A dock would increase tourism, but the project will not move forward without broader community support and approval.

Download the Study Results

For more information contact:
Alexander S. McElroy, MPA
SEMPO Executive Director & City Grant Coordinator
573-339-6734 [email protected]