President Trump Visit to Cape Girardeau on Nov. 5
Posted on 11/01/2018
President Donald Trump will visit Cape Girardeau on Nov. 5 to host a "Make America Great Again" campaign rally at the Show Me Center.

The City Council moved the regular Nov. 5 meeting to Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 5 p.m.

Parking at the Show-Me Center on Monday for President Trump’s scheduled rally will be available, however, is expected to fill up quickly.  Overflow parking and shuttle service for attendees will be provided at the following locations. Please allow plenty of time for parking, shuttle service, and increased traffic in the city on Monday. 

1) Osage Centre (shuttle pick up: in front) 
 1625 N. Kingshighway
 Cape Girardeau, MO 

2) West Park Mall (shuttle pick up: in rear of building) 
 3049 William St. 
 Cape Girardeau, MO 

3) Cape Girardeau SportsPlex (shuttle pick up: in front) 
 2526 Jim Drury Way
 Cape Girardeau, MO 

4) Christ Church of the Heartland
 720 Bertling St. 
 Cape Girardeau, MO 

5) Sears Grand (shuttle pick up: in front)
330 Siemers Dr.
Cape Girardeau, MO

6) Arena Park (shuttle pick up: in front of Arena Bldg)
410 Kiwanis Dr.
Cape Girardeau, MO

Robinson Transport will be providing school buses for shuttle services to and from the above locations to/from the Show-Me Center. Shuttles will run continuously from 4 p.m. on Nov. 5th to 12 a.m. on Nov. 6th with no set intervals between drop-off or pick-up. The shuttles will drop-off attendees in front of the marquee at the Show-Me Center on N. Sprigg. 

NOTE: Shuttle drivers will be instructed to cease transports from the above pick-up locations once the Show-Me Center reaches capacity. We will also update our social media at that point. 

New Madrid Street to Henderson Street will be closed with no thru traffic or parking allowed. 

We appreciate your cooperation ensuring everyone’s safety during this event.

The City of Cape Girardeau does not endorse political candidates or issues as it is prohibited by law. However, we recognize the freedom to peacefully support or oppose candidates and issues. The President Donald J. Trump "Make America Great Again" rally is an opportunity for our residents to witness history and voice their opinions as they see fit within the laws of our great nation and city. In conjunction with our Cape Girardeau Police Department, Southeast Missouri State University, and other entities across the region, we will work to provide a safe atmosphere for the community to participate.

    *Stay alert to local weather conditions.*

Event Schedule

Doors open: 6 p.m.
Rally: 9 p.m.
**Schedule subject to change**

Some items are prohibited at the Show Me Center during the event. Check SEMO's website and campaign tickets for more information. 

Freedom of Expression

The Show Me Center facility and its parking lots are contracted by the renting party and are restricted to demonstration. People participating in demonstrations in the restricted areas may be asked to leave.  Public sidewalks are available for assembly. The sidewalks on New Madrid Street, east of Show Me Center Drive (the fire lane that runs in front of the Show Me Center) to the corner of New Madrid and Sprigg Street are available for that purpose.  This area affords the greatest safety for participants. As reminder, pedestrian traffic on sidewalks and vehicular traffic on streets cannot be blocked or impeded.