One Cape Virtual Learning Series
Get to know your local government and the people serving you behind the scenes!

Have you ever wondered how city government works and what your local representatives are doing about critical issues? Join us for this series of live presentations and Q&A events. 

Mondays Opposite Council Meetings at 1 p.m.

  • City Council Meetings & Responsibilities (Mayor & City Clerk)
  • Deciding in Disagreement - How Councils Move Forward
  • Streets & Infrastructure (Public Works & Engineering)
  • Neighborhoods (From Groups to Condemnations)
  • Safety (Police, Fire and Beyond the Badges)  
  • Good Governance (Fiscal Discipline & Streamlining Services) 
  • Quality of Life (Economy & Wellness)
  • Intergovernmental Issues (Local/State/Federal – Small Cell Tech, Court Reform)
  • Involvement: Advisory Boards, Citizen Academy, and more