All City departments are active on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts. A complete, official account list is below.

Need to contact the administrator of any social media accounts listed below? Email [email protected] or call 573-339-6391.

Disclaimer/Terms of Use:  

The City of Cape Girardeau’s social media accounts are intended to be limited forums for communication and discussion between the City of Cape Girardeau and members of the public about specific topics. The City welcomes your comments and seeks to maintain an environment that is civil and appropriate for all ages.  The City of Cape Girardeau reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments.

Any content posted may be subject to public disclosure upon request.  Social media account activity is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations and policies. Social media accounts may only be monitored during normal business hours.  The City disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for any materials deemed inappropriate which are not removed in an expeditious or otherwise timely manner.  The City is not responsible for, and neither endorses nor opposes, comments placed on social media accounts by visitors to those sites.  Social media accounts are not the primary method of communication with the City, and any notices or requests for City services must be made via official communication methods identified on the City’s website, or by traditional methods of notification recognized by the City, and no comments or posts to a social media account will be construed as providing notice to the City of any claim, deficiency, dangerous condition, request, or otherwise.

Police Department Facebook Terms of UseThis is the official Facebook page of the Cape Girardeau Police Department.  This site is intended to serve as a mechanism for communication between the public and the Cape Girardeau Police Department on the listed topics and is designated as a Limited Public Forum to further the mission of the Department. View full terms of use here.

Photo Policy: Staff or their designee may take photos of you and/or your child participating in activities, events, meetings, and at city-owned facilities. The photos could be used in future publications, both in print and online. If you do not wish your photo to be taken or published, please inform the photographer.

Neighbors by Ring App: The Fire Department is now a public safety partner on the Neighbors app, provided by Ring. You do not need a Ring system in your home to use the free app and receive updates. More information