Monday, Nov. 22 at 5 p.m. - City Manager Dr. Kenny Haskin presents what's next after Use Tax and his vision for the City of Cape Girardeau. Watch live and ask questions on Facebook or register via Zoom.

Join City Manager Scott Meyer and Ward 3 Representative Nate Thomas in exploring the the layers of government and their impact on local issues. Live Q&A to follow.

The Parks & Recreation Department plays in a huge role in the city's economy and wellness. Former Council member and advisory board leader Dan Essner and Parks & Recreation Director Julia Jones discuss and take questions.


What do Council members do? What responsibilities do they have and how do they work? Live Zoom/Facebook event featuring Council members and staff presenting public service topics with questions and answers. Watch live on Facebook @cityofcape or register to watch or participate via Zoom. Details at

Watch recorded sessions at

A neighborhood, just like a city, should be safe and welcoming. They are the backdrop of our daily lives and impact property values.

Council member Dan Presson will share his experiences with the Red Star Revival District's efforts to improve and promote this historic ward 1 neighborhood. Staff will cover city services such as nuisance abatement, condemnation, etc.

Former Nuisance Abatement Officer Council Ward 5 Representative Shannon Truxel and City Manager Scott Meyer will discuss the multitude of city departments, partners, and citizens that come together to keep Cape safe.

How do Councils decide what to do when the answer is not clear? How can we make decisions for everyone when we do not all agree?

Former Council member John Voss will share his experiences with previous "hot topics" such as urban deer hunting and residential chickens. Ward 3 Representative Nate Thomas will cover the Council's current approach. The City's Finance Director Dustin Ziebold is also the lead on the current effort to review the City's policy on deer.

Mayor Pro Tem and Ward 4 Representative Robbie Guard and Deputy City Manager Molly Mehner will present the city's vision and projects that promote good governance - the responsible conduct of public affairs, management of public resources, and efforts to transform city government.

The Council's good governance support the successful fulfilment of other city outcomes: health, safety, a strong economy and improved neighborhoods.


Did you know the City maintains most, but not all, roadway within city limits? Those 233 miles of city streets are like driving to St. Louis - AND BACK! The Public Works Department is the city's largest department focusing on streets, clean water, sewer and wastewater treatment, trash and recycling, and stormwater and more!

Council Ward 6 Representative Stacy Kinder and Public Works Department Director Stan Polivick will take your questions and tell you about the City's critical infrastructure and essential services.