Sewer Line Maintenance

Cleaning, inspection, and investigation of sewer lines is performed year-round by the Sewer Division which was contracted out to Alliance Water Resources on March 1, 2022.  Problem lines are put on a schedule to be inspected every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on the severity of the obstructions.  If you experience a sewer backup during working hours call the Alliance office at 573-339-6357. After hours or on holidays call the water plant at 573-334-6747 and they will dispatch a crew. 

Vactor TruckOur Vactor truck is equipped with a vacuum system used to suck debris from sewer facilities. The orange hose on the front has several high-pressure nozzles available, which can be used to cut through debris in clogged storm or sewer lines. If it runs into something that water can’t penetrate, a mechanical saw is attached to loosen the debris and wash it down the line. The big hose is used to suction debris back into the truck. The truck also helps with excavation in areas where it is dangerous to dig. The high pressure water and vacuum hoses can be used to move dirt and expose lines and pipe. We also use the Vactor truck during floods to clean off streets after the water level goes down.

sewer cameraFinding the location or source of a problem is done through visual inspection of sewer pipes, dye testing, and closed circuit video of the sewer main. By inspecting the inside of sewers, crews can determine the source of the problem, nature of the blockage, and condition of the pipe.

This camera is guided through the sewer lines using remote control while it feeds video back to the computer in the camera truck. Using the sewer camera, crews can see what is inside the pipe, without actually being inside the line.

Sewer Camera ScreenThe software stores all data and video gathered, including how far the camera has traveled into the line. Crews can then see exactly where the problem is and do not have to guess where to dig.

Missouri law requires that you contact Missouri One Call before doing any digging, even on your own property. They then notify utility companies, such as us, to mark our lines so you can dig safely.  

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