Nonprofit civic or service organizations within the City of Cape Girardeau or recognized SEMO organizations can "Adopt-A-Street" to help keep Cape clean. To participate in this program, fill out the Adopt-A-Street application and submit it to the Solid Waste Division of Public Works at 2007 Southern Expressway.  

Participants should let us know when they plan to have their trash pickup event. We will supply bags and dispose of them when you are done. Participants are in charge of coordinating their group and must have pickup events at least monthly. Organizations are responsible for the safety of their members and highly visible outerwear should be used at all times. 

After three months of participation, a sign will be installed publicizing the adopted street. If there is no activity for three months, the sign will be removed. The organization will be charged for the sign and its installation if they do not complete a minimum of six months participation in the program. More information can be found in the Adopt-A-Street Requirements document.

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