Trash/Recycling: $24.44
Water: $9.41 meter charge (5/8" meter) + $2.858 per 100 cubic feet of water use
Sewer: $13.13 base charge + $3.23 per cubic foot of average water use during the preceding months of January, February, and March

If a new resident does not have water use history, or if a residence is not properly metered, the use charge will be based on the average water use for the entire residential class for the preceding January, February, and March.

If a new residential customer has been charged the city-wide average due to not having use history for the months of January, February, and March, the customer may request a review of his/her sewer rate once they do have water use for those months. If the customer was overcharged, the difference will be applied as a credit to the customer's utility account.

Returned check fee: $25.00

After two returned checks on any one account or from any person, the account and/or person will be placed on a cash or credit card only payment basis.

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