What gets measured gets done. City management is always working to improve regular reports and outcomes measurement. Annual "Tangible Results" reports are intended to keep city government accountable and citizens informed.


The City of Girardeau, the regional hub of Southeast Missouri, will actively provide and promote a safe, innovative climate through city services that enhances the quality of life for its citizens and our region.


One Cape magic happens when we live our One Cape values: • Optimize Opportunity • Nurture Equity & Inclusion • Engage & Empower Everyone • Collaborate, Cooperate, & Communicate • Actively Help Others Succeed • Pride & Professionalism • Employee & Citizen Safety

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  • 44 North Lorimier Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
  • Telephone 573.339.6320
  • Email [email protected]

Five Strategic Council Focus Areas
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1. Economic Development
2. Fiscal Stewardship
3. Health & Safety
4. Improved Neighborhoods
5. Streamlined Services

Annual City Report Summaries
Draft Notes from 2021
City Overview 2019
City Plan 2019
Plan/Accomplishments 2018
City Overview 2017
City Overview 2016

Police Department Reports

Citizen Surveys

2012 Resident and Business
2008 Comprehensive Plan