TTF-6 Street Priority Meetings Sept. 18 & 25, Survey Online
Posted on 09/13/2019

The Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) is a transportation sales tax (0.5%, a half-cent per dollar spent) that has been renewed by voters every five years since it was first approved in 1995. TTF projects are funded on a "pay-as-you-go" basis so that no money is borrowed to fund the projects. This tax spreads the cost of improvement projects to everyone who uses the streets instead of just Cape Girardeau property owners. TTF revenue is only used to complete identified transportation improvement projects.

Transportation Trust Fund 6 (TTF-6) – Public Input – Vote April 2020

Join us anytime for either of these open house public meetings about TTF-6 and help prioritize projects.

Read more about the projects and thank you for taking the the survey at