Proposed New Ward Boundaries
Posted on 06/22/2022
Ward boundaries in Cape Girardeau will be updated soon to reflect the latest Census data. Each of the City's six wards should have approximately the same number of residents who elect one City Council member.

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The City Council is the elected governing body for the City of Cape Girardeau and consists of the Mayor and six City Council Members. The Mayor is directly elected at-large and the other six City Council Members are elected from their wards. 

With changes in population documented as part of the last Census, the City will adjust the ward boundaries to make each ward have a more equal population. The proposed boundaries will be discussed by Council at an upcoming meeting (see agendas). For ward boundary comments or questions, contact your representative.

Changing Ward Population Totals
Current Ward Pop # to Revised Ward Pop #
Ward 1 6,555 to 6,619 = increase by 64 people
Ward 2 5,900 to 6,511 = increase by 611 people
Ward 3 6,165 to 6,539 = increase by 374 people
Ward 4 7,649 to 6,683 = decrease by 966 people
Ward 5 6,431 to 6,513 = increase by 82 people
Ward 6 6,824 to 6,659 = decrease by 165 people

Cape Girardeau is a "home rule" city with the Council-Manager form of governmentUnder the this form of government, the Council establishes policy and law in the city. They have the power by ordinance, resolution, and motion to provide for infrastructure, safety, and quality of life services and to tax and regulate in support of those efforts. They also establish, reorganize, abolish, and prescribe the functions of boards, departments, offices, and agencies as they deem necessary. The Council also appoints the City Manager who appoints all but a few (Judge, Attorney, and City Clerk) city employees. All Council meetings start with an invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, and public appearances. Find the agendas and documentation at