Free Public Wi-Fi Available Downtown
Posted on 10/02/2018
A public-private partnership between the City of Cape Girardeau and the Marquette Tech District Foundation led to another awesome way to connect in Cape: Free downtown Wi-Fi. Public internet access is available in the downtown area on Broadway, Main and Spanish streets.

The City and Tech District started working on it together in 2016. The District wanted access to the City’s fiber to connect endpoints of their private network. In return, the District would offer free Wi-Fi to the public. Both parties felt that sharing the fiber network would ultimately benefit everyone.

"The Marquette Tech District Foundation activated free Downtown Wi-Fi in 2017," said Stacy Dohogne Lane, Community Director for Codefi and the Marquette Tech District Foundation. "Part of our mission is to provide increased and efficient internet, network and technology and connectivity and access to residents, businesses, customers and visitors of downtown Cape Girardeau. The free, downtown Wi-Fi absolutely helps us carry out that mission."

Plans to expand the Wi-Fi’s reach are still developing, but for now both visitors and residents can more fully engage with their online community while out and about in downtown Cape. Whether that’s using Facebook to check in at their favorite restaurant or Instagramming the perfect selfie with downtown’s famous clock, connecting with Cape Girardeau has never been easier.