"Final Rule" Impact on ARP Funding
Posted on 05/24/2022
 The City of Cape Girardeau will receive the second half of the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds from the United States Department of Treasury in June of 2022 as authorized by the American Rescue Plan (ARP). The City will receive $4,140,336.50. The City received the first round of ARP funding in 2021 and allocated portions of those monies to fund public safety health and wellness ($90,850), sewer inflow and infiltration ($2,950,000), Lorimier Street sewer ($312,438), City Hall fiber ($70,550), and Shot Spotter ($178,200). In the coming months, the City Council and staff will be reviewing how to allocate the remaining funds for government services as required by the ARP to be spent by the end of 2024. When the City allocated the funds in 2021, the City did so according to the Department of Treasury’s interim rule that was in effect at the time. A final rule adopted in 2022 is now in place that will dictate how the ARP funds may be spent by the City. Under the "final rule", examples of government services that may be funded according to the ARP include, but are not limited to: street maintenance and repair; police, fire, and other public safety services; government administration; water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure; and demolition or deconstruction of vacant properties.