2020 Street Renovations Coming Soon
Posted on 03/09/2020
Learn more about the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) sales tax that funds street repair. 
View the map of scheduled TTF projects through 2020
View the 2018 and 2019 streets that received renovations.

Concrete street repair is one of the ways the City of Cape Girardeau works to maintain streets and alleyways. Concrete street repair work includes removal and replacement of existing concrete roadway. This can include sidewalk and driveway reconstruction, and possible tree removal in the City's right-of-way.

2020 Concrete Street Repair Locations:
  • Rockwood Drive from West End Boulevard to North Henderson Avenue
  • Rose Street from West End Boulevard to North Missouri Avenue
  • Terrie Hill Road at the intersection of Jurie Street
  • Karau Lane from the dead end (north) to dead end (south)
  • Butler Street at the intersection of North Henderson Avenue
  • Butler Street at the intersection of Price Drive
  • Cecilia Street from Penney Avenue to Perry Avenue
  • North Sunset Boulevard from Broadway to Woodlawn Avenue
  • David Drive from Lexington Avenue to Lisa Drive
  • Longview Drive from Lexington Avenue to Lisa Drive
  • About Street Maintenance & Repair
    The Public Works Department Street Maintenance Division coordinates with the Development Services Department to maintain around 233 miles of streets and 22 miles of alleyways. This is roughly the same distance as a drive to St. Louis and back. General maintenance is done by the Street Division, while new construction and management of the Transportation Trust Fund program are handled by Development Services. The Street Division is constantly repairing potholes as the need exists and resources are available to perform the repair. Also, Street Division is repairing concrete street patches as resources allow. Weather also plays a big part in keeping our streets maintained. In addition to street repairs, the Street Maintenance Division is responsible for:

  • Removing limb debris from City right-of-way after major storms
  • Mowing nearly 600 acres of right-of-way several times each year
  • Providing weed control around signs, guardrails, and poles
  • Removing dead and diseased trees, and trims trees along City streets and alleys
  • Operating two mechanical street sweepers
  • Providing street inspections for right-of-way/excavation permits
  • Evaluating more than 100 miles of street yearly to record pavement conditions
  • Maintaining and manages database for street pavement conditions
  • Providing snow removal and pre-treats roadways for winter weather