Regarding backflows, the City of Cape Girardeau follows the guidelines as established by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

What is backflow?
Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow in a potable water distribution system through a cross-connection.  A cross-connection is an actual or potential link connecting a source of pollution or contamination with a potable water supply.  Backflow may allow liquids, gases, non-potable water, and other substances from any source to enter a public water system.

Backflow Prevention

What is backflow prevention?
Backflow prevention protects public water systems from contamination or damage through cross-connections located in customer facilities. Backflow prevention is typically achieved by placing a backflow prevention assembly between the customer and the public water system. This is called containment backflow prevention.

Must my home or business have backflow prevention?
Many businesses must have backflow prevention. Common examples are manufacturing and processing plants, medical facilities, laboratories (including school chemistry and biology labs), processing plants and buildings that have boilers, fire sprinkler systems, and irrigation systems.

Solely residential facilities can be exempt from the rule unless a specific cross-connection is identified. A few examples of residential cross-connections that need to have a backflow prevention assembly include lawn sprinkler systems, personal swimming pools, and fire sprinkler systems. If you have questions as to whether or not your business or home requires backflow prevention, please call our office at 573-651-6280.

Must I have my backflow prevention assembly tested?
Yes. To ensure the device is functioning properly, a certified backflow tester must test all backflow prevention devices annually. For new facilities, the assembly must be tested when installed. If the tester finds the assembly is not working, you must arrange to have it repaired and tested again. It is your responsibility to pay for the test and repairs. The tester is required to provide a copy of the test report to Alliance Water Resources at P.O. Box 1809, Cape Girardeau, MO 63702-1809.

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