What happens if I only have eight people at my party and the neighbors call the police? 
If you or any of your guests are violating any ordinance, you may receive a citation for that violation. The City of Cape Girardeau still utilizes the maintaining a disorderly house ordinance that can be used in this situation as well. 

What happens if I only have eight people at my party, but twenty show up uninvited? 
It is your responsibility to maintain control of your property. If more show up to your party than you have invited, ask those subjects to leave. 

If they do not leave, call the police department and have them removed from your property. This helps to eliminate future problems at your property or residence. 

If I have a party, how many people can I have? 
You can have as many people as you wish as long as you or your guests do not violate a City ordinance. 

Why I am given a citation if someone attending my party is causing the problems? 
You, as the property owner or renter of the property, are held responsible for the problems that occur at, or on your property. 

What is the fine or sentence for a nuisance party violation? 
The fine or sentence is ultimately based on the severity of the incident and the discretion of the judge. However, a fine of up to $500.00 or a ninety (90) day jail sentence, or a combination of the two, would be imposed. 

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