In 2011, the City of Cape Girardeau added dedicated bicycle lanes to approximately 16 miles of city streets, made possible by a Missouri Foundation for Health grant. Here you'll find information on the bicycle lanes in Cape Girardeau and how to ride safely.
Bike Lanes and Sharrows

Bicycle lanes are dedicated striping on the right side of the road for bike travel. Motorists shouldn't drive or park on striped bicycle lanes. Lanes are striped throughout the City including Sprigg Street, Lexington Avenue, and Silver Springs Road. On-street parking is not allowed in areas with dedicated bike lane striping.

Sharrows are reflective signs in the center of travel lanes to signify areas where bicycles and cars should take care and share the road. Sharrows are currently found on Sprigg and Frederick streets, as well as Lexington Avenue.

MO Bike Federation: State statutes flier
MO Bike Federation: Drivers' guide to bicycling
An interactive, Google map of existing bicycle lanes and trails in Cape Girardeau, and more information about the grant-funded bike lanes and sharrows are available at

Safety and Educational Videos

The following Safety Videos are available about cycling safety, taking care of your bike, and more. These videos are available for your review as well as to present at your local group meeting or class. Call 573-339-6391 for more information.