The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council to review, promote, and expedite development of existing and new public park and recreational facilities and activities. The Board may investigate or study any problem or condition related to the construction, operation, maintenance or improvement of, or addition to a city park or related recreational facility. They may meet, confer or negotiate with any individual, partnership, association, corporation, or local, state or federal agent or governmental organization. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board may present a proposed plan or design to the City Council.

The Board may take an active part through its membership, subcommittees and citizen committees as may be appointed by the Board to identify physical facilities suitable for public recreation, contact owners of such facilities to request permission for such use, recommend scheduling of recreation activities and notify the City Manager and cooperating owners of other properties of such scheduled use; and to act in other respects as coordinators for public recreation, with the goal of utilizing all available City-owned and other property suitable for such use.

The Board has the power to appoint subcommittees of citizens who are not members of the Board for set periods of time to work on specific projects relating to existing and new public parks, recreation facilities and activities. Such subcommittees will report their findings and recommendations to the board, which shall make any final report and recommendation to the City Council. Each subcommittee will disband when work on its assigned project is completed.

The City Council shall appoint eleven members to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Members of the Board serve for three-year terms. The Mayor, or a Council member designated by the Mayor, shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Board and shall maintain liaison with the City Council and the City Manager, but shall not have a vote in the decisions of the Board.

Meeting Schedule

Monthly meetings are held the second Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Osage Centre.

Staff Liaison

Doug Gannon, Parks and Recreation Director
A.C. Brase Arena Building
410 Kiwanis Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
573-339-6340 Phone

  • Contact Info
  • 410 Kiwanis Drive
    Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
  • Telephone 573.339.6340
  • Email [email protected]
  • Rainout Line 573.975.1024

Percy Huston

Mark Stone

Dr. Beverly Evans

Darrin Brunderman
Tamara Buck
Jerry Dement
Anne Dohogne
Thomas Drummond
Lewis Jackson Hill - Tree Board Liaison
MaryAnn Maloney
Philip Moore
Nate Thomas, Council Liaison