The Municipal Golf Course Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council to review, promote and expedite development and use of the Jaycee Municipal Golf Course facilities. The Board may study any problem or condition relating to the construction, operation, maintenance or improvement of, or addition to the golf course or related facilities. They may meet and confer with any individual, partnership, association, corporation, or local, state or federal agent or governmental organization and may present its findings and related recommendations to the City Council. The Board may make recommendations to the City Council about scheduling of activities at the Jaycee Municipal Golf Course and act in other respects as coordinator for public recreation at the golf course.

One member of the Municipal Golf Course Advisory Board shall be a member of Cape Jaycees and designated by that organization as its representative on the Board. The City Council shall appoint the nine members of the Board by formal motion and vote. Members of the Board serve for terms of three years. The Mayor, or a Council member designated by the Mayor, serves as an ex-officio member and maintains liaison with the City Council and City Manager, but does not have a vote in the decisions of the Board.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held the fourth Thursday bi-monthly at 12:00 noon at the Osage Centre.

Staff Liaison

Parks and Recreation Director


Municipal Golf Course Advisory Board
A.C. Brase Arena Building
410 Kiwanis Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
573-339-6340 Phone
573-339-6393 Fax 

  • Contact Info
  • 410 Kiwanis Drive
    Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
  • Telephone 573.339.6340
  • Email [email protected]
  • Rainout Line 573.975.1024

        Cindy Gannon

Brad Wittenborn

Janet Esicar

Claire Kneer
Josh Parham
Dale Pingel
Lindsey Pippens
Eric Craiglow (Cape Jaycees Liaison)