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   Review the following notices and complete the form below to request an inspection.

  • If you require a partial inspection please call in to Community Development at 573-339-6327 and select option 6.
  • If you are scheduling a same-day inspection prior to 11:30 AM you will get an inspection in the afternoon.
  • Requests for inspections received after 11:30 AM will be scheduled for the next day.
  • Final Inspections require 24 hour notice.
  • The approved set of plans must be on site for City inspections to take place.
  • Sediment and erosions controls must be in place and maintained throughout construction. Inspections may fail based on condition.
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Note: Temporary Certificates of Occupancy can only be issued to property owners with contact information on file with the City. If covered by a Department of Natural Resources Land Distrubance Permit, permit must be transferred to the new owner if not terminated by the contractor. Termination requires 70% density of vegetation over 100% of the site.

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