We're working to promote education and communication among neighborhood residents on how to identify issues and concerns as they arise and how to collaborate with the City in achieving neighborhood improvement goals. We want to empower neighborhood residents to safely and effectively get involved in addressing issues that impact their community. Contact our City Planner Ryan Shrimplin at 573-339-6327 for more information.

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Community Development Department

Planning Division
City Planner
Ryan Shrimplin

Related Programs
Community Services (Police)

Report Neighborhood Issues
Rental Licensing, Reports
Nuisance Complaints
Anonymous Tip Line

Potholes, Animals, More

Community Partners
United Way of Southeast Missouri

Get Involved
Contact our City Planner Ryan Shrimplin at 573-339-6327

Join City Boards: Keep Cape Beautiful, Parks 573-339-6320 cityofcape.org/yourgov

Other Community Opportunities:
Intergenerational Volunteer Center 573-335-7555