The City Council adopted the City of Cape Girardeau Annexation Plan on September 4, 2012. The Annexation Plan document explains the legal basis for annexation, the benefits of annexation, the relationship of annexation to the Comprehensive Plan, the annexation process, and how the annexation evaluation process helps the City plan for future growth. The Plan formalizes the City's policies regarding annexation. The Annexation Plan is intended to be used by City officials and the public.

Download Annexation Plan (PDF) 

Why Annex?

Benefits to the Property Owner:
  • Access to City services such as water, sanitary sewer, fire, police, and solid waste disposal
  • Full-time, professionally managed services
  • Protection of person and property through City ordinances, such as building, zoning and development codes

Benefits to the City:

  • Right to regulate land use, development, construction, and other areas, therefore protecting the public's health, safety and general welfare
  • Opportunities for new and innovative developments
  • Increased population, which is a key factor in eligibility for state and federal assistance
  • Tax revenue  

Annexation Process

Typically, the first step in the annexation process is filing an Annexation Petition Request Form with the Planning Services Division. If City Staff finds that the property or group of properties is suitable for annexation, a Petition for Annexation (and an Annexation Agreement, if applicable) is prepared and sent to the property owner(s) to be signed and returned. Once the signed petition (and agreement, if applicable) is received, the City will have the document(s) recorded at the Cape Girardeau County Recorder's Office.

If the property or group of properties is not contiguous (adjacent) to the city limits, the City will wait until it becomes contiguous to move forward with annexation. If the property or group of properties is contiguous, the City will hold public hearings on the proposed annexation and zoning district(s). If approved by the City Council, an ordinance is passed officially annexing the property or group of properties to the city limits.

Planning Services Division - Community Development Department
City Hall - 44 N Lorimier Street, Cape Girardeau, MO  63701
Phone 573-339-6327
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