A new liquor license is valid from the start of the business through June 30, and the license fee is not pro-rated. Liquor license renewals are valid for one year, July 1 to June 30. Renewal forms are mailed to active licenses in April of each year. The cost of a liquor license is based on the type of license requested:

Manufacturers of malt liquors $350
Distillers, manufacturers of intoxicating liquors $500
Wholesalers & distributors of malt liquor $150
Wholesalers & distributors of liquor $750
Retailers of liquor by drink not more than 5% & light wines $52.50
Retailers of liquor over 5% $450
Retailers of package liquor $150
Sunday sales (in addition to other license) $300
Wine tasting license (in addition to package liquor license) $37.50
Caterers', temporary (must have other liquor license) $10
Special caterers' license - 50 day $500
Special caterers' license - 100 days or more $1,000