Delinquent and disconnect utility policies are established by the City's Code of Ordinances, Chapter 29.

Utility bills are delinquent if not paid within 21 days from the date rendered. A 10% delayed payment charge is imposed on all delinquent accounts. 

The City may discontinue services if the bill is not paid within 33 days from the date rendered. A disconnect notice is mailed to all delinquent utility accounts, noting the final payment due date. 

If water service is disconnected for non-payment, the following must be paid before services are restored:

  • $17.30 disconnect fee
  • $17.30  reconnect fee
  • Up to $162 deposit, if there is not one on the existing account
  • Payment in full of all past-due charges and prior account balances
If sewer service is disconnected, the property owner shall bear all expenses to reconnect the sewer.

NOTE: Online payments made for a disconnect notice MUST be completed at least two business days prior to the shut-off date shown on the notice. If payment is not posted to the utility account prior to the shut-off date, utility services will be subject to disconnection and fees will apply. Online payments made within two days of the shut-off date will not prevent services from being disconnected.

Pay Agreement

If a customer is unable to pay the amount due on a disconnect notice, the customer may request a Pay Agreement to delay the payment due date for a designated shut-off notice.
  • There is no additional charge for a Pay Agreement.
  • No more than two Pay Agreements per account or per person will be approved within a fiscal year.
  • Once a Pay Agreement is in default, no new agreement for that account or customer will be authorized for a 12-month period.
  • Only the account owner can request and sign a Pay Agreement.
  • The Pay Agreement must be completed PRIOR to the shut-off date.


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