Welcome to AutoPay, the hassle-free alternative to City utility bill payment.

Securely enroll in automatic city utility (water, sewer and/or trash) bill payment with the City of Cape Girardeau. When enrolling, you are authorizing your financial institution to automatically deduct the amount due each month for your utility bill. It can take up to one billing cycle to enroll your account.

How AutoPay Works

On the due date,  typically two weeks after receiving your bill in the mail, your due amount will be automatically deducted from the checking or savings account you enroll. No debit/credit cards can be used at this time. Cancel this service at any time.

How to Find Routing and Account Numbers

Find your city utility billing ACCOUNT and CUSTOMER numbers on the top of your monthly bill.

Example bill

Where do I find my bank or "financial institution" routing number and my account number on my check? Remember to include any leading zeros.
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