Street repairs are managed by two departments supported by multiple funding sources. The Transportation Trust Fund information follows. To see all street repair information and a list of recent, current, and upcoming projects visit

The Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) is a transportation sales tax (0.5%, a half-cent per dollar spent) that has been renewed by voters every five years since it was first approved in 1995. TTF projects are funded on a "pay-as-you-go" basis so that no money is borrowed to fund the projects. This tax spreads the cost of improvement projects to everyone who uses the streets instead of just Cape Girardeau property owners. TTF revenue is only used to complete identified transportation improvement projects.

Transportation Trust Fund 6 (TTF6)

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Specific Projects:  $10,000,000

  • Bertling Street from Perryville Road to Big Bend Road
  • College Street from Minnesota Avenue to West End Boulevard
  • Lexington Avenue from Carolina Lane to Sherwood Drive
  • Lexington Avenue from West Cape Rock Drive to Sprigg Street
  • Maria Louise Lane/Kiwanis Drive/Broadview Street Intersection Improvements
  • Route K School Corridor Safety Improvements
  • Sprigg Street from Shawnee Parkway/Route 74 to Southern Expressway
  • Veterans Memorial Drive from Hopper Road to Percy Drive (Phase 6)

General Repair & Renovation  $13,000,000

  • Expanded Paving Overlay
  • Street, Curb, and Gutter Repair
  • Sidewalk Gap and Sidewalk Repair

Safety Improvements/Contingency:   $2,000,000

TOTAL TTF6 Budget:   $25,000,000

Alternate project: Sprigg Street from William Street to Shawnee Parkway/Route74

History of TTF
Early TTF projects focused on system expansion, widening and eliminating the City’s gravel roads. As time went, the City’s needs included street lighting and sidewalks. In TTF-5, the City focused more on maintenance, renovation and repair of existing streets – a theme likely to continue/strengthen in TTF-6.

Program Detail
TTF-1 (1995)
TTF-2 (2000)
TTF-3 (2005)
TTF-4 (2010)

TTF-5 (2015)

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