Street repairs are managed by two departments supported by multiple funding sources. The Transportation Trust Fund information follows. To see all street repair information and a list of recent, current, and upcoming projects visit
The Transportation Trust Fund (TTF )is a transportation sales tax (0.5%, a half-cent per dollar spent) voted on by the citizens of Cape Girardeau. All TTF revenue goes into a fund solely used to complete identified transportation improvement projects.

TTF projects are funded on a "pay-as-you-go" basis so that no money is borrowed to fund the projects. This tax spreads the cost of improvement projects to everyone who uses the streets instead of just Cape Girardeau property owners. General projects are included to keep City streets in fair condition. The TTF was first approved by voters in 1995 for TTF-1. The tax was extended by voters in 2000 for TTF-2;in 2005 for TTF-3; and again in 2010 for TTF-4.