We are always looking for an opportunity to work with our community to help keep our neighborhoods safe. From assisting neighborhood watch groups to partnering with community groups like PORCH and Old Town Cape, we believe that our city is best served when our department and citizens work together. To help further that end, we have implemented a Security Camera Database program.

The Security Camera Database program will serve our officers as a directory of security cameras in the city. Participants who wish to take part in the program will only need to fill out this registration form. This program is 100% voluntary and free of charge.

This program will provide the department with an up-to-date listing of security cameras in the city. If an incident were to take place in the vicinity of your camera, an officer can contact you regarding any potential video of the incident. At no time would any officer have access to any camera or video without consent. Once registered, the participant will still have to give access to the video to the Police Department. This will simply be an easy reference for our officers if they are in need of video for an incident.

We hope you will take a minute to register your camera(s) with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at 573-335-6621 Ext. 1243.

Security Camera Registration

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