Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning and Stop the Litter!
Posted on 03/10/2021

Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning and Stop the Litter! 
Now Scheduling Wednesday Special Pickups

As we thaw-out from winter, we start to notice more litter, and litter complaints.  The City has litter abatement programs, and we encourage everyone to do their fair share, by picking up their property, keeping garbage bagged, carts secure, helping neighbors, and reporting those routinely out of compliance with City ordinances.

Most of our littering and dumping issues are either on private property, or city property which by ordinance is to be maintained by the adjacent property owner (strip of grass / ditch between street and private property).  These places can be very visible and collect trash from the neighborhood and drive-by litterbugs which can be a big frustration for residents and staff.

What You Can Do

  • Keep your garbage from blowing around – bag trash, keep carts closed and upright
  • Keep your property clear of litter
  • Help neighbors or family with their clean-up efforts
  • Report nuisance properties online or by calling 573-339-6311
  • Schedule a Wednesday Special Pickup - first one is free each year! Great for whether you have storage or debris to clean out of your basement or yard, or maybe you want to pick up an unsightly area in your neighborhood and get that extra bagged trash picked up.

What the City Does

  • Nuisance Abatement will notify properties in violation and give them 10 days to remedy the nuisance.
  • Keep Cape Beautiful does an annual litter inventory. (View report)
  • Wednesday Special Pickups for those bulky items or extra bagged trash can be scheduled year-round - first one free!
  • Adopt-a-Street