By completing the form below, we can begin to EMAIL you a bill. You are encouraged to discontinue postal mail but may keep this option as well. You can pay with cash, check, by phone, in-person or online from e-bills just like a postal mailed bill. We recommend you separately enroll in AutoPay which automatically deducts your due amount on your due date - which we will mail or email to you.

When are Bills Sent?

City of Cape Girardeau accounts are billed for water, trash, and/or sewer on a monthly basis. A bill is mailed to the account holder according to the billing cycle, which is based on the date which service was started. Bills are mailed out on a Wednesday and payment is due two weeks later.


Bills are considered delinquent after the third week, with a 10% penalty being added to the amount due. Accounts are disconnected after two months without payment.

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How to Find Account and Customer Numbers

Find your city utility billing ACCOUNT and CUSTOMER numbers on the top of your monthly bill.

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