Transporation Trust Fund PorjectsThe Voters of Cape Girardeau approved the second Transportation Trust Fund (TTF-2) on August 8, 2000 (53.6% approval). This allowed for the continuation of a 0.5% (one half-cent) sales tax in which all revenue solely used to complete transportation improvement projects.

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About Transportation Trust Fund
Street Maintenance Overview

Projects completed with funds from the sales tax collected undCape Says Yes - Transportation Trust Funder the TTF-2 program included eight specific projects, and several general maintenance and street lighting projects:
Specific Projects
  1. Silver Springs Road (Mount Auburn Road south to Kingshighway)
  2. Silver Springs Road (Shawnee Parkway to Mount Auburn Road)
  3. Siemers Drive widening with traffic signals (William Street to Bloomfield Road)
  4. Bloomfield Road - Phase III (Siemers Drive to Stonebridge Drive, including Ramsey Bridge)
  5. Independence Street widening (Kingshighway to Pacific Street)
  6. Independence Street general improvements (Sprigg Street to Water Street)
  7. Broadway widening (Perry Avenue to Houck Place)
  8. Mt. Auburn Road widening (William Street to Bloomfield Road)

Major Street Light Installations and Street Lighting Projects
  1. Lexington/Route W intersection
  2. Mt. Auburn Road: William Street to Bloomfield Road
  3. Broadview: William Street to Bloomfield Road
  4. North Kingshighway: Boulder Crest to I-55
  5. South Kingshighway: Southern Expressway to Interstate 55
  6. Silver Springs Road: William Street to Bloomfield Road
  7. Southern Expressway: Sprigg Street to Kingshighway
  8. 1,000 Existing lights upgraded to brighter, more efficient lighting (from mercury vapor to high pressure sodium)
  9. 850 new lights added along existing major streets, intersections and cul-de-sacs

General Projects
  1. Existing street paving
  2. Street, curb and gutter repairs
  3. Sidewalk repairs
  4. New sidewalk construction

Below: Siemers Drive widening with traffic signals

Siemers Drive