TTF-4 Map

Cape Says Yes Transportation Trust FundThe Voters of Cape Girardeau approved the fourth Transportation Trust Fund (TTF-4) on August 3, 2010 (55.4% approval). This allowed for the continuation of a 0.5% (one half-cent) sales tax in which all revenue is used solely for the completion of transportation improvement projects.

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About Transportation Trust Fund
Street Maintenance Overview

Projects completed or pending* with funds from the sales tax collected under the TTF-4 program include 12 specific projects and several general maintenance projects:

  1. Bloomfield Road from Benton Hill Road (Cty Rd 206) to White Oaks Lane* (in-progress)
  2. Broadway and Henderson Avenue intersection improvement (1/3 City; 2/3 University cost share)
  3. Broadway from Pacific Street to Water Street (curb, gutter, sidewalk and overlay)
    Additional decorative enhancements were funded by the Isle of Capri and City development agreement
  4. Design of Independence Streetand Gordonville Road intersection improvement
  5. Mustang Drive - new road to access property for development at the Airport (90% State; 10% City cost share)*
  6. Lexington Avenueand Route W intersection improvements (50% City; 50% MoDOT cost share)
  7. Sprigg Street - various improvements from William Street to Olive Street*
  8. Veterans Memorial Drive - Scenic Drive to Hopper Road
  9. Walnut Street - Sprigg Street to West End Boulevard - restoration from Sprigg Street to Beaudean Laneand extension from Beaudean Lane to West End Boulevard
  10. West End Boulevard from Linden Street to Jefferson Avenue
  11. West End Boulevard from Rose Street to New Madrid Street*
  12. William Street/Aquamsi Street/Main Street intersection improvements; includes design for the William Street corridor from Main Street to Kingshighway

General Projects
  1. Existing street paving/overlays
  2. Street, curb and gutter repairs
  3. Sidewalk repairs
  4. New sidewalk construction

Alternate Projects
  1. Bertling Street - Sprigg Street to Perryville Road
  2. Veterans Memorial Drive - County Road 306 to Mid America Hotels Property
  3. West End Boulevard - New Madrid Street to Bertling Street