The Cape Girardeau Police Department provides vacation checks and extra patrol to the citizens of Cape Girardeau. This is a free service offered by the Cape Girardeau Police Department. 

Vacation Checks

Complete the Vacation Request form below at least five days prior to leaving for vacation.

Extra Patrol Requests

This request increases patrol to the requested area due to increased traffic problems or suspicious activity. If you have a need for extra patrol, contact us at (573) 335-6621, Option 1. 

Request Vacation Checks

Date and Time of Departure

Date and Time of Return



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*Local* person we can contact while you are away:

Local contact's phone number:

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Will lights be left on in the residence?  



     If lights on a timer, what times?  

List any vehicles that will be parked in the driveway by make, color, and license plate number:

List any pets by animal and location (inside, backyard):

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  • Contact Info
  • 2530 Maria Louise Lane Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

  • Telephone 573.339.6621
  • Email [email protected]