The Site Plan Review Team reviews multi-family and commercial site construction plans. The purpose of the team review is to speed up the site plan review process while ensuring that a proposed site plan meets all ordinance requirements. This team consists of five individuals representing the Fire Marshal, and divisions of Inspection Services, EngineeringPlanning and Alliance Water. The team may be expanded on a case-by-case basis if other departments are involved in the proposed building project.

Site plan review could be rather complex, especially with overlaying ordinances, such as storm water management, floodplain, zoning, right-of-way and driveway permits. The big advantage of this team is the pooling of resources for a more comprehensive review, thus better ensuring compliance with the various ordinances of the City. A contractor seeking a building permit will submit a site plan prior to or at the same time he submits a building permit application and building plan for review. A plan review specialist will review the building plans at the same time the site plan is being reviewed by the team, thus minimizing or eliminating additional review time.

Residential site plan review is accomplished on a rotational basis by the Inspection Services Division building inspectors.