The City of Cape Girardeau’s Gun Violence Task Force will have their initial planning meeting July 23. The task force is expected to host a series of expert presentations starting in August resulting in a report to the City Council in December.

“We have a great group of community and city leaders ready to dig into the issues affecting gun violence here,” said Mayor Stacy Kinder. “The task force will explore various systems and partnerships already in place, delve into what the city can or should do to support or improve them, and also consider what the city could be doing differently to combat gun violence. The goal of this task force is to develop thoughtful ideas of what might be appropriate work at the municipal level, ultimately to lessen the amount of gun violence we see here. It is the most pressing public safety concern we see on our city streets right now.”

The City committee work could result in recommendations to City Council in December regarding City ordinances, policies and programs. In exploring the City’s role in gun violence prevention, the committee might also identify advocacy or awareness priorities outside the scope of city government. The topics to be covered this year will be partially determined in the first planning session, but are already expected to include a review of local data, chronic nuisance property policies and other current laws, nonprofit programs, support for at-risk youth, and successful case studies and initiatives from other communities.

“There is likely more we can do with our own ordinances and programs,” said Mayor Kinder, “and we’re open to new ideas that will help us support our own departments, and coordinate with the community.”

City Liaisons

Mayor Stacy Kinder
Dr. Kenneth Haskin
Trevor Pulley
Adam Glueck
Nicolette Brennan
Gayle Conrad
Shannon Farris
Randy Morris 


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Recordings will be available on this page within a week of each task force meeting. Public comment will be accepted through this webpage, in writing at meetings, and through staff and representative meetings scheduled by request. Call us 573-339-6391 or use the form to schedule a meeting. 

Co-Chair Adam Kidd
Co-Chair Jessica Hill
Howard Benyon
Josh Crowell
Nita DuBose
Alix Gasser
Rob Gilligan
Jared Ritter
Nancy Scheller
Lee Schlitt
Laura Selbo
Dr. Melissa Stickel
Adrian Taylor
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Carlos Vargas
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Leslie Washington
Tina Wright

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