Managed Deer Hunt Fall 2021
Posted on 02/24/2021

The City of Cape Girardeau’s managed deer hunt is one of over 100 similar programs statewide. Managed deer hunts support healthy wildlife by preventing overpopulation, starvation, and reducing the spread of diseases. Population control reduces the chances for deer-vehicle collisions, but does not eliminate all deer.

Managed Deer Hunt - Fall 2021

  • Only archery devices will be allowed. NO FIREARMS may be used.
  • Hunters must be over the age of 18 and completed the proper hunter education course.
  • Hunting limited to only individuals who obtain one of 40 available deer tags from the state of Missouri lottery system, and attend a Cape-specific safety meeting.
  • Hunting will be limited to 11/1-12/5 in a few natural areas on the fringe of city limits which will be clearly marked. (see map below)
  • Hunting must take place in an elevated stand to ensure projectiles are on a proper downward path to avoid ricochet and travel beyond the intended target.
  • Council will evaluate the 2021 results and determine whether to continue the program.

Public Opinion
Staff researched this issue originally in 2011, Council passed an ordinance in 2012, but when put to a vote of the people (by a citizen-driven referendum petition) in 2013 it was defeated 1,486 votes to 1,278. A survey on Nextdoor in October 2020 with 224 responses favored deer hunting by a slim margin (50.89%). The public input survey leading up to the current ordinance net 112 responses with 53% of votes against any deer hunting at all, and 44.6% in favor. The 2021 Program is very different from the program rejected by voters in 2013.

Then (Rejected 2013)

Now - 2021

Limit locations, keep hunting away from
inner city

Any property or combination of properties over 3 acres

5 designated properties totaling 76.15 acres

Shorter time-frame

September 15 -
January 15

November 1-
December 5

Limited hunters

Anyone with bow hunter education or supervised children under 18

40 selected hunters required to have Hunter Education or Bow Hunter Education certification and be over the age of 18

Limited harvest

Unlimited harvest

Controlled harvest of a maximum of 80 deer, each hunter eligible to get 2 deer tags

Continues to
prohibit target practice in-town

Allowance for target shooting within city limits

Discharge of arrow strictly prohibited except for the limited hunt

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