Limited Bow Hunting to Manage Population
Posted on 02/14/2021

Please take this survey by 3PM on Monday, Feb. 15 so the Council can read your input. City Hall will be closed Monday due to inclement weather, the anticipated final reading on this topic will occur in the online Council meeting at 5 p.m. Watch on Youtube or register to participate virtually via Zoom.  

A managed deer bow hunt in a few natural areas in northeast Cape has been proposed.   Staff researched the issue in 2011, Council passed an ordinance in 2012, but when put to a vote of the people (by a citizen-driven referendum petition) in 2013 it was defeated 1,486 votes to 1,278.

Staff and Council carefully reviewed all lethal and non-lethal population management options before proposing a plan to eventually reduce overpopulated areas to ~20 deer per square mile :

  • Implement Managed Archery Deer Hunt
       * Safest lethal method available (no fire arms)
       * Minimal cost to the city beyond staff time to manage
  • Four designated areas within City are natural, undeveloped areas: Twin Trees, Delaware Park, Fountain Park and Cape Rock parks (excluding the popular drive-thru lookout area of the park - see map below)
  • Trails in hunting zones will be closed during the period of 11/1/2021-12/5/2021

Learn more:

The Council recently passed the first reading of the ordinance by a 6-1 vote. They are anticipated to pass an ordinance Feb. 15 with input from residents.

Hunt map