Council Expands & Extends Alliance Partnership
Posted on 01/26/2021

On December 21, 2020 the Cape Girardeau City Council authorized execution of an addendum to the Alliance Water Resources (AWR) contract to include subcontracted services for routine preventative maintenance and non-routine improvements of nine water tanks. The agreement began January 1, 2021 and extends through December 31, 2032. That’s a 12-year contract .

The Cape Girardeau water system was purchased by the City from Union Electric Company in 1992.  The sale was closed on June 2nd and at 12:01 a.m., June 3rd, AWR (then M.M.E.I.), assumed operation of the system.  The system was purchased through passage of a revenue bond issue of $11,840,000, approved by voters on November 5, 1991, by a 77.2% positive. 

There have been many addenda and scope of work revisions since 1992 but today’s language includes:

  • O&M of the City’s drinking water infrastructure
    • Two water treatment plants
    • Four alluvial wells
    • Eight pumping stations
    • 390 miles of water main
    • 18,000 water meters
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) services for all City departments
  • Utility locates services (1-800-DIG-RITE) for all City-owned utilities

AWR is headquartered in Columbia, Missouri and has over 30 contracts across the mid-west. In addition to water and wastewater management, AWR also offers services for full public works, utility billing, and project management – the contract tends to be tailored to the specific needs of the client.

In Cape Girardeau, Alliance employs 32 people; 16 of which maintain drinking water certifications through MoDNR and eight of them are 20+ year employees. We may not wear City of Cape Girardeau shirts but we are committed to improving efficiencies and providing top-notch service for the citizens of Cape Girardeau.