Vaccination Schedule
Posted on 01/14/2021
COVID-19 vaccination is a personal choice, and an important one. We urge everyone to read the facts at and consider protecting themselves, their families and community from the COVID-19 disease. 

The availability of vaccines is a developing situation. Stay-tuned to reputable news sources and agencies. Sign-up for email alerts about vaccine availability, locations and more from the Cape Girardeau County Health Department at

WHO AND WHEN: Missourians will qualify for vaccination based on the priority phases below, anticipating a limited initial supply. As of 1/15, Phase 1B is underway. Phases progress at the discretion of the State based on availability.  (Read More)

WHERE: Once a vaccine is available to all Missourians, the State will provide a map of convenient vaccination locations on this web page. The County will also email everyone throughout each phase who registered for email alerts

WHY: The COVID-19 vaccine is a lifesaving development. Vaccinations have saved hundreds of millions of lives over the last century. Scientists have developed vaccines for Smallpox, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis, Meningitis and more. Data from clinical trials indicate a 95% efficacy rate for Pfizer’s vaccine, a 94.5% efficacy rate for Moderna’s vaccine and a 90% efficacy rate for AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

HOW: No person can be billed for the COVID-19 vaccine. Three of the four most advanced vaccines require two doses that are administered at least 21 days apart. It is important patients return for the second dose to develop the highest level of immunity.

Vax Timeline
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