Council Recognizes Health Department Director and Other Heroes
Posted on 01/05/2021
The Cape Girardeau City Council recently recognized their personal heroes of 2020 or all-time at the first 2021 public meeting.

The Mayor of Cape Girardeau proclaimed December 29, 2020, as National Hero Day to encourage residents to recognize the positive impact of heroes in our city, to thank those who serve; and to find ways to give back to our community.  

Whereas, service to others is a hallmark of the American character, and central to how we meet our challenges; and

Whereas, as this unforgettable year moves to a close, consider the people around you that have been heroes to you during this unprecedented time; and

Whereas,  if asked to define the word hero, many of us will name the qualities that demand a person rise
     above; and

Whereas,  our heroes may be the first responders who save us from a dangerous situation. They may be       a mentor, like a parent or a teacher, a mental health professional, a healthcare worker, a postal service
     worker, a retail store employee, a neighbor, a government official, a coworker, an essential service
     employee, a small business owner or a friendly stranger; and

Whereas,  through their selflessness and generosity, heroes throughout Cape Girardeau have shown that,
     through volunteerism, we can replace feelings of isolation with understanding and kindness; and

Whereas, our everyday heroes aren’t always recognized for their service.

Whereas, December 29, 2020, we celebrate National Hero Day.

Whereas, National Hero Day honors the people we look up to and who inspire us to come together in
     response to our community’s needs during a tumultuous time for many;

Whereas, I encourage everyone to honor the heroes in your life and celebrate the contributions and
     deeds of  all the real-life heroes in our community.