Cyber Issue - Current Impacts
Posted on 01/27/2020

Cape Girardeau, Mo. was recently added to a growing list of cities across the U.S. attacked by cyber criminals. The City has no information to indicate that any customer or employee information was taken. All safety, recreation, and infrastructure services continue to operate. The City already had industry-standard protection in place, immediately took action when the attack was detected, and an FBI investigation is ongoing. The City was advised not to disclose the complete nature of the attack until the City’s systems and data can be fully restored and the investigation is complete.

We are striving to get all systems restored as soon as possible. Updates are posted as new information is available.

Utility Billing Impacts & Reminders (Updated 2/20/20)

  • PREVIOUS PAYMENTS: All payments by mail or in-office through 02/20/20, and all payments made online and by e-pay as of 02/19/20 have been posted to utility accounts.
  • ACCOUNT BALANCES: Balances online and on printed bills are correct. However Cycles 1 and 2 did not receive a February bill. These charges will be included with the March bill.
  • AUTOPAY: Automatic payments due 1/22/20-2/5/20 were processed and should be posted to bank accounts on 02/21/20 Any in-office, electronic or online payments made by customers who have Autopay were posted to accounts. Remaining bill amounts for those on Autopay with a due date of 1/22/20, 1/29/20, and 2/5/20 were deducted.
  • ONLINE PAYMENTS: Online payments are now available, and payments will be applied immediately to accounts.
  • DISCONNECTS: No services will be disconnected on 2/26/20.
  • LATE FEES / PENALTIES: All utility bills with a due date of 1/15/20-2/12/20 and penalty date of 1/22/20-2/19/20 will not be assessed a penalty.

February & March Utility Billing Cycles (NEW 2/20/20)Map

  • No city utility bills were mailed from 1/22/20 through 02/12/20. Billings resumed on 02/19/20. Our billing process is done in four cycles (MAP) around the city. You can find out what cycle you're in by looking up your location on the map (click/tap to enlarge).
  • Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 bills were not able to be sent in February. March bills in these cycles will show an amount for both February and March and will reflect any payments made. If you are on Autopay, no payment will be deducted for your February bill. Autopay payments for both February and March will be deducted at the March due date.
  • Cycle 3 bills for February were mailed 2/19/20 and Cycle 4 bills for February will be sent on time. Account balances on these bills may not show any payments made after 1/28/20.

Other Service Impacts (Updated 3/2/20)

  • Some Development Services web applications are not available, but PDF application documents are available at Customers may also come to City Hall for contractor/landlord licenses and various building and related permits/licenses. 
  • Avolve/ProjectDox is currently offline.
  • This website and online recreation registration via and ActiveNet are unaffected.
  • Though email service has been restored, intermittent outages are still occurring. Messages sent to city email addresses between 1/17/20-2/4/20 were likely rejected and will need to be resent if necessary.