On January 1, 2019, the Cape Girardeau Police Department will no longer arrange for vehicles to be towed off of private property. This was established to maximize efficiency for our officers and improve our services to the city. Missouri State Statute 304.157 and Cape Girardeau Municipal Ordinance #26-78(c) states that private property owners may have such vehicles removed without the authorization of law enforcement. 

Instructions for Property Owners

1.  Private property owners should comply with and complete Section A of DOR form 4669.

2.  Once Section A is complete, owners should notify the Police Department (573-335-6621, Option 1 ) that they are having a vehicle towed from their property. Owners should provide the Communications Officer with the vehicle information. 

3.  The owner should then contact their preferred towing company to have the vehicle removed.  Owners should remain on-site while the vehicle is being towed. 

Instructions for Tow Companies

1.  Complete Section B of DOR form 4669.

2.  Fax a copy of the completed form to the Cape Girardeau Police Department (Communications Division / 573-339-6659) 
*  The tow company has 2 hours to forward the form to law enforcement if option 1 on the form is selected. 
*  The tow company has 24 hours for all other tows. 

3.  The Cape Girardeau Police Department Communication's DIvision will enter the vehicle into the law enforcement system as a towed vehicle. 

4.  The Cape Girardeau Police Department Communication's Division will then fax a signed copy back to the tow company for their records. 

Any questions may be directed to: 
Corporal Richard K. Couch
Community Service Officer
573-335-6621, Extension 1243
Email:  [email protected]